How to Add HTML + XML Sitemap in Blogger Platform(Step-by-Step)

This post will show you how to create a html sitemap, xml sitemap from blogger platform. So that your blog can be listed in google search engine.

A sitemap provides a list of URLs that are available on your web page. The idea is to help Search Engines index your website more efficiently. With a sitemap, you can improve your SE results and get higher traffic and more backlinks. To get the most out of your sitemap, you need to submit it to search engines, a process which we will explain in this article.

How to create a html & xml sitemap for blogger

How to add a HTML & XML sitemap in blogger/Blogspot?

Before we go through how to add sitemap XML & HTML file in blogger. First of all, we have to know what the sitemap is. We will also learn about sitemap and its advantages.

What is Sitemap?

Sitemaps are particular types of search engine robots that will crawl through the pages of your website and allow google bots to thoroughly navigate the site. Sitemaps are a much better way of letting search engines crawl your site than simple XML files.

How does Sitemap Works?

Sitemap automatically generates a list of all pages on your site. A sitemap lists the location (URL) and brief contents of the page. This allows search engines to index your pages more intelligently.

Sitemap generates a sitemap index file to allow your website's pages to be more easily and quickly crawled by search engines. It analyses the link structure of all of the pages on your website and builds a list with all of them that can then be downloaded as an XML or HTML file. There is no need to edit any files; it just works.

 Adding an XML sitemap in blogger

Step 1) Go to Settings  >  Custom robots.txt

 Step2) Now go to the Labnol website to create sitemap XML in blogger.

Step3)  Scroll the Labnol website in the given link and then put your website URL, and then generate a sitemap as seen in a given image.

Step4)  Now go to the google search console and then submit the sitemap like sitemap.xml 

Now you have to wait for a few hours to crawl the website, and Google can index your website within few days, depending on how many posts you are writing.

 Adding Sitemap in HTML format 

Step1) Simple add this code in the given code editor and paste it into the blogger of new posts. You have to change your URL name and put yours website URL name.
<div class='postSection sitemaps' id='sitemaps'>
  <div class='loading'>Loading....</div>

/* Blogger Sitemap Dropdown: change i.src="..." with your url */
var toc_config = {containerId:'sitemaps', showNew:0, sortAlphabetically:{thePanel:true, theList:true}, activePanel:1, slideSpeed:{down:400, up:400}, slideEasing:{down: null, up: null}, slideCallback:{down:function(){}, up:function(){}}, clickCallback:function(){}, jsonCallback:'sitemaps',delayLoading: 0};
window.onload = function(){
!function(e,o){var t=o.getElementById(toc_config.containerId),c=o.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],n=[];e[toc_config.jsonCallback]=function(e){for(var o,c,i=e.feed.entry,a=e.feed.category,l="",s=0,d=a.length;d>s;++s)n.push(a[s].term);for(var r=0,f=i.length;f>r;++r)(toc_config.showNew||toc_config.showNew>0)&&r<toc_config.showNew+1&&(i[r].title.$t+=" %new%");i=toc_config.sortAlphabetically.theList?i.sort(function(e,o){return e.title.$t.localeCompare(o.title.$t)}):i,toc_config.sortAlphabetically.thePanel&&n.sort();for(var g=0,h=n.length;h>g;++g){l+='<div class=\"sitemapBox\"><h4 class=\"sitemapTitle\">'+n[g]+'</h4>',l+='<div class=\"sitemapContent\"><ol>';for(var _=0,p=i.length;p>_;++_){o=i[_].title.$t;for(var w=0,u=i[_].link.length;u>w;++w)if("alternate"==i[_].link[w].rel){c=i[_].link[w].href;break}for(var v=0,m=i[_].category.length;m>v;++v)n[g]==i[_].category[v].term&&(l+='<li><a href=\"'+c+'\" title=\"'+o.replace(/ \%new\%$/,"")+'\">'+o.replace(/ \%new\%$/,"")+'</a></li>')}l+='</ol></div></div>'}t.innerHTML=l }; var i=o.createElement("script");i.src=""+toc_config.jsonCallback,"onload"==toc_config.delayLoading?e.onload=function(){c.appendChild(i)}:e.setTimeout(function(){c.appendChild(i)},toc_config.delayLoading)}(window,document);

.sitemapBox{padding:15px;border:1px solid var(--content-border);border-radius:5px}
.postEntry .sitemapTitle{margin-top:0; font-size:14px;font-weight:400;font-family:var(--body-font)}
.sitemapTitle:before{content:'Label: '; font-size:90%;opacity:.8}
.sitemaps ol{list-style:none;margin:0;padding:0;counter-reset:sitemap-count}
.sitemaps li{display:flex;align-items:baseline}
.sitemaps li:not(:last-child){margin-bottom:0}
.sitemaps li:before{content:counter(sitemap-count) '.';counter-increment:sitemap-count;flex-shrink:0;width:25px;font-size:13px;font-family:var(--font-body);line-height:normal; opacity:.7}

.darkMode .sitemapBox{border-color:rgba(255,255,255,.1)}

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

I submitted my website sitemap already about weeks ago, but it is not showing in the results?

Solution: Your sitemap is perfect; what you're doing wrong is that you're not submitting your sitemap to Google regularly. You have to submit your sitemap every time you update your website, or else Google will make a cached copy of it, and you may not be aware of this if Google happens to do it at a time when your website is dormant.

I cannot check my blogger website on Also, the Google console cannot fetch my Sitemap? 

Solution: If you don't submit your site in the google search console, there is no way to reach your site on google search.
After Submitting the sitemap, wait for a few hours and search like 

My website is not appearing on Google even after submitting a sitemap. How much time is required?

Solution: It will take several weeks for your website to be crawled. But it can take few months or longer depending on your website and its content etc...

This article is on Google search but exclude from the sitemap showing in the search console. What is it?

Solution: Exclude means that google cannot index or crawl your article or posts due to some reasons. Please, you can solve your exclude file because it affects your website on google.
In the google search console, you can see exclude files. When your posts don't rank, then you have to solve your exclude file. 
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