How To Disable Copy Paste in Blogger in 2021

Disable Copy paste in blogger can help you to protect from thieves. In post we are giving a code that you have to placed code and your content is prot
Copy-pasting is a well-known online fraud done by many people on different kinds of documents to save time. This is also used in blogging and in other places as well. These are some simple techniques you could use to disable copy-pasting in your blog and increase security.

Here is a simple technique for disabling copy-paste in blogger faster. Some people seem to not even know how to explain this. Statistics show that about 20% of the content online is plagiarized from one source or another.

Have you ever thought that while copy-pasting some content from the web page, it might be good to disable the copy-paste feature blogger? If yes, then this article is something for you. It tells you how to disable copy paste in blogger faster, and I assure you that after going through this article, at least 80% of your problems related to copying pasting would have been solved.
How to disable copy paste in blogger in some simple steps

5 Simple Steps to disable copy/paste in blogger.

  1. Login to the Blogger Account Dashboard
  2. Now Go to the Theme Section
  3. In Theme Section go to customize with Edit HTML
  4. Now Search </body> tag using Ctrl + F
  5. Copy the code below and paste it before the </body> tag.

        // Code Developed by BlogTriggers Team members
        window.onload = function() {
            document.addEventListener("contextmenu", function(e) {
            }, false);

            function disabledEvent(e) {
                if (e.stopPropagation) {
                } else if (window.event) {
                    window.event.cancelBubble = true;
                return false;
        document.onkeydown = function(e) {
            return false;

This Code Is not Applicable If you have enable extension of Enable of Copy paste.

Congratulation, now you have successfully achieved 100% uniqueness in your blog posts.

Now you protect your content by disabling the Copy/Paste in your blogger.

What are the Benefits of Disable your copy/paste in blogger?

  1. Increase your Users visibility 
  2. Lower your bounce rate 
  3. Help in Adsense during invalid activity
  4. Save time & effort 
  5. Help in ranking
  6. Protect your article from copywriters 

How do I prevent someone from stealing my content?

By placing this code on your content, you can protect it from stealing because these script codes will protect you from stealing our code

Limitations of Disable Copy Paste in Blogger

  1. If your niche is on blogger, then you should not enter this copy-paste code because the code that comes from it will not be copied.
  2. If you add this disabled copy paste script code in the product niche then you will see that you can't copy the product.
  3. This code is not working when you use extensions in the browser.

Final Words

Thanks for checking out our disabled copy-paste in the blogger guide! I hope the information was helpful. Please let me know in the comments section below if you have anything to add or think I missed something important. As always, feel free to share this post on your social networks and never forget to appreciate and Like our Facebook Page!

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