Learn How To Write Top-Notch SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions?

Smart and informative SEO titles and meta descriptions help with your promotional efforts as they engage the visitors and direct them to your website.

When it comes to writing SEO titles and descriptions, there are 2 things you should keep in mind. One is that they should be attractive to humans, and the other is that, most importantly, they should be targeted towards search engines.

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How to Write SEO Title & Descriptions in 2021

What are SEO Titles?

SEO Titles are the Title Tags of Web pages. The number 1 thing that makes your website rank in Google is the SEO Title Tag of your web page. 

The titles to your posts and pages, if properly optimized, can serve as the best search engine optimization you can get for your website. The title of your article is more important for SEO than the meta description of your article.

SEO Titles are like film posters in that: they are intended for attracting visitors to your site.

What are SEO Descriptions?

SEO descriptions are short summaries visitors see when they search in search engines. They can also be known as meta-descriptions, alt-text, and snippets. The goal is for each page to have a meaningfully descriptive SEO description-- one that meaningfully describes what the target site visitor will find on that specific landing page.

SEO Descriptions are clarifications in that: they help the search engines understand the content of your pages.

Why are SEO titles & descriptions important?

SEO titles and descriptions are the first things search engines use to display your listing in the search results. 

It’s also essential for improving click-through rate (CTR), as you can achieve better rankings for those terms with an optimized title and description.

A good title helps people find the right piece of writing to read. A lousy title confuses. A good description makes something more accessible to get done.

 A bad one creates confusion about what needs doing or makes a solution look unattractive compared to something else that doesn't actually matter more.

How I Make My Titles Good?

These 5 tips for improving your descriptions will help your content meet its true potential and help your website attract new visitors that will read what you have to say and potentially become your visitors.

1) Titles are short and concise.

2) Titles should be between 44-60 characters.

3) Title Keywords are the most important factors to consider while writing a title in any article. Few, if any, of the readers go below the first line of a paragraph. If they do, then only those keywords present in more than one sentence of the article will be helpful from your SEO point of view. The reader may also click on another link before getting to different lines.

4) If you have a specific target in any country, you should add 'your trending topic keywords in the target country in your title "like this" my trending topic Keyword in the USA, My trending topic keyword in India, etc.'

5) In Titles, you have included all 7 points to make a title relevant & informative:
  1. Word Count 
  2. Character Count
  3. Headline Type
  4. Reading Grade Level
  5. Sentiment
  6. Clarity
  7. Skimmability

You can add a title tag in the <head> section in your site’s HTML. It should look something like this (we recommend short and sweet)

<title>Your Title below 60 characters</title>
<meta name="title" content="Your Title below 60 characters">

How do I make My Descriptions Informative?

  • Good descriptions should be informative, clear, and concise. They should also include relevant keywords appropriate and meet the requirements of the listings they are placed on.
  • The meta description should be 155 characters or under. When reading through the results in Google search, only the first 155 characters will show up. Obviously, you’re going to want 155 characters to be as helpful and informative as possible, so here's how to go about doing this.
  • It is recommended not to use the exact keywords more than twice in meta descriptions.
  • Focus your main keywords in starting that google can understand your descriptions make it clear what you are providing. For example, Suppose you have a YouTube video explaining how to do something. In that case, there are ways to optimize the video's description so that when people search for videos about how to do something, Google and other search engines will understand what it is you are trying to explain.

You can add a description meta tag in the <head> section in your site’s HTML. It should look something like this (we recommend short and sweet)

<meta name="description" content="Your Descriptions should be precise & provide neccessary information for users. Write Descriptions under 155 characters">

My Tips & Tricks to Write SEO Title & Description

1) The First Step I took was to use Google Keyword Planner for keywords and then include the search volume and CPC of the title that will also help me increase my earning.

2) After Finding Keywords, I will Visit this website to generate my title Title generator - Tweak the Biz

3) After that, I will Analysis a Headline Title on this website. Write Better Headlines: Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule


To summarize Use short and active sentences in your title and description. Use direct wording when possible, and don't be afraid to break rules. The tail of your description should be a bulleted list of every major point you make in the body. That way people can scan it quickly without reading beyond the first sentence of each point.

I hope these posts will help you to learn how to write SEO titles & Descriptions.

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