What are Backlinks? How To Create High Quality Backlinks in Website?

Having solid backlinks from industry leading sites is one of the quickest ways for you to rise up the SERPs and shoot your rankings in website.

Are you looking for an honest, latest content-rich, and high PR backlink website list? If yes, you are in the right place because you can get everything about backlinks here in this post.

What is Backlinks And How to Create High Quality Backlinks?

What are Backlinks?

A Backlinks refers to someone else who links to your website, blog, or social media page. You should create links to a few posts and websites that they can refer to. You can use a blog submission form to submit your backlinks. However, you will need to enter their website URL, and then you can upload the backlinks you want to backlink to their websites. 

This backlink will act as an anchor, which means it will serve as a link, but instead of linking to your page, it will connect to theirs. Why this technique is effective The process of creating backlinks is called commenting backlinks. When someone who visits your blog, website, or social media page reads your blog, website, or posts comments on your social media page, they will link to your website and/or social media page.

2 types of backlinks contribute to improving SEO, natural and quality inbound links, and/or links from other webmasters.

1) External Backlinks (Most Important to point your homepage)

2) Internal Backlinks (Most Important to point your individual page)

External Backlinks

`External backlink` means a link from another website. These are the most critical links because they can pass large amounts of trust to your site. In fact, external backlinks are equivalent to some forms of social media interaction and social bookmarking, but they are more targeted towards your website's subject matter.

Example of External Backlinks:

Suppose you are a website xyz.com and your link will be placed on the website abc.com. When people search the internet for the words "XYZ," then the link to your website in their results will also be shown. This is called external backlinks of your site.

Internal Backlinks?

Internal backlinks are links from pages on your own domain. They carry much more important than external links, and so they should be the main link-building focus.

Example of Internal Backlinks:

I have an article on my site about web design. I can link internally to that article from another article on HTML (a web programming language). People searching for information on "web design" will be more likely to see my site because it's an internal link.

In addition to regular backlinks, there are 2 types of backlinks: 
  • Dofollow Backlinks
  • NoFollow Backlinks

NoFollow Backlinks

Nofollow backlinks is a somewhat recent addition to the HTML spec. It was introduced to allow webmasters to specify that hyperlinks not be followed by search engine bots without actually altering the linked page's content or breaking any of its links.

Example of Nofollow Backlinks:

If you see in link Nofollow, then understand that link is nofollow which means that your 1 backlinks will waste
<a href=”http://www.example.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Example anchor text</a>

DoFollow Backlinks

Dofollow backlinks are links from trusted sites because they have a human moderated anchor text and no risky link building associated with them. In a nutshell, dofollow backlinks are considered more potent than nofollow links.

Example of DoFollow Backlinks:

If you didn't see in link nofollow, that means that this is dofollow backlinks.
<a href=”http://www.example.com/”>Example anchor text</a>

What Precautions to take care of while creating high-quality backlinks?

There are cons to taking precautions while creating high-quality backlinks:
  • When it comes to backlinking, the process is as follows, creating maximum backlinks in the shortest period. This is not a solution to boost your page rank, and Alexa ranks too high positions. The primary purpose of backlinking is to increase search engine-friendly tags and unique content on our webpage.
  • Buying a quality link is not enough to jump rank in SERPs. You have to make the overall page so good that the user would want to click on it. For this purpose, you need to keep the following things in mind.
  • So my advice is: Don't create low-quality backlinks. It's unimportant, and it sends a clear signal to the search engines that you're not serious about your site and what you do with it.

4 Ways To Create High-Quality Backlinks For Your Website

1) Write Guest Posts

I always like to do guest blogging. Guest blogging is the best option to get your site ranked on google. This is the best option for sites in a specific topic and wants to reach more customers or visitors. Guest Post service provides you with the opportunity to post content on another site about your blog and get free links from that site at the same time. But today, many sites offer free service for the guest posts, but when you try to make a post of your own blog using, they call for an upgrade.

2) Comment on Other Blogs

One way to get some links to your site is to comment on other people's blogs. Building a relationship with other bloggers will also increase your popularity and help you get more traffic, as well. Commenting and becoming friends with others in your niche has another significant benefit: you are more likely to be included in guest posts on their site, and guest posting is one of the most powerful ways to link building.

 3) Request backlinks

Thinking of requesting backlinks? Go ahead! It will help your business tremendously. Remember the expression; "quality over quantity" because it is correct. If you want a particular website to mention or add your link to their site, they would prefer updated information that can be helpful to their readers. The high-ranked website cannot give you backlinks easily. Ensure that you have created high-quality content that other websites can provide you backlinks quickly with the exact keywords they can put on their website.

4) Answer all Questions in Quora

Most of all, people get backlinked to their sites by answering popular questions on Quora and Medium. By doing this, many people share your article and thus also get many backlinks as a consequence. The method described in this post ensures that you get the highest quality links because you are not just 'sharing' your content, but you are actively 'helping' them make their articles better by adding value.

Gain High-Quality Backlinks Website for Free

The Best Tool for Checking Backlinks

Many tools are available for checking backlinks, but we will only tell you the best tools.
  1. Google Search Console
  2. SEMRush
  3. Seobility
  4. Ahrefs
  5. Moz
  6. Open Site Explorer
  7. Majestic SEO

How is an external link different from an internal link?

External links pointing to an external source are just going to another page/link and are no different from linking back to your own site. Internal links are helpful when they connect you to another article or page on your site. 
When this happens, the link is like a resource page, making it easier for your readers to get information relevant to the article.


  • A basic rule of thumb is that your blog should have external links because this creates awareness for your blog in public. You should also have internal links to other parts of your own blog. This is because Google sees this as part of the essence of blogging. This is not directly a factor in your rank, but a good sign for Google searchers and browsers that you do everything well.

  • Both internal and external backlinks are essential for SEO. The internal links help make your site credible, and the external links provide a way to boost your ranking on search engines.
  • Google is considering 50 external links/per page and 100 internal links/per page to a page as a signal of popularity.


Building backlinks is an ongoing process and should be done strategically. Backlinks should not be built only for search engine optimization purposes but for helping to raise the ranking of your site.
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