10 Quick Ways to Boost Your Domain and Page Authority (DA & PA)

If you want to increase page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA) for your website, Follow this 10 tips to improve your da and pa of your website.
Google ranks a website based on the Page Authority and Domain Authority. Domain Authority reflects how much they trust a particular website, and Page Authority indicates how strong the content of a specific page in a website is. The higher these two factors, the better rank that site/pages have with Google. This means that to rank, you should work on your Domain and Page Authority. Let us see how we can increase our DA and PA scores.

Before discussing increasing page and domain authority, let’s understand what Page Authority and Domain Authority search engine optimization are.

How to Increase your domain & page Authority

What is Domain Authority(PA)?

Domain Authority is a score that, according to Moz.com, "indicates how well-known and authoritative a site (or domain) is on the Internet." Websites have "domain" authority, and your score is determined by how authoritative your website has been perceived to be on specific topics. Domain Authority is one of the three factors (along with Page Authority and Trust Flow ) determining where your website ends up in search engine results pages (SERPs) like Google.

Domain Authority is a score we give to each website based on hundreds of factors. The higher the DA score, the more likely it is to rank high in search engines. Our scores range from 0-100; we divide by 100 to get it on a scale of 1-10.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

Page Authority is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well keywords on a given page will rank on Google. Page Authority considers the number and authority of sites linking to a page, and it is heavily weighted toward the link text. It also considers many other factors, but links are essential for Page Authority.

Page Authority measures the chances that a web page will rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher this score, the higher a web page’s SERP ranking will be.

Importance of Domain and Page Authority (DA & PA)

  • Helps in improving SERP rankings and earns better organic traffic.
  • A strong link profile helps you achieve greater rankings in SERPs as well as improve click-through rates.
  • If you have a high domain and page authority site, you can make money from this site.
  • The importance of PAGE AUTHORITY is that when someone links to your page, the HTTP code that your page generates is weighed according to your search engine visibility. If a page has very little Page Authority, it's hard for it to get recognized by a search engine. This is why it's essential to understand how Page Authority and Domain Authority are connected; they both affect each other.

How do you calculate Domain and Page Authority (DA & PA)?

It is not easy to calculate Page Authority and Domain Authority with great precision because the formula to get to it involves many things that cannot be precisely measured.

There are so many tools that didn't give you exactly the value, so don't focus on calculating da and pa. Please make sure that your website follows all these points  to increase domain and page Authority that are given below:

10 Tips to boost your Domain and Page Authority ( DA & PA) in your website

1. Use link-building to increase your DA

The more Internal & External backlinks you have from authoritative sites, the better your domain authority. Increasing web traffic means making a site as appealing as possible to search engines and their users. 
It's simple arithmetic: via Search, 
More People = More Interest = More Links = Higher DA.

2. Optimize your page titles and meta descriptions for search engines

One way to increase your website da and pa is to optimize your page titles and meta descriptions for search engines. The title of each page on your site should include the key phrase that best describes it. Your meta description should explicitly say what the page is about, again in terms of keywords.

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3. Optimize your images for search results

By improving your appearance, you’ll also increase your website traffic and ultimately increase your conversion rate. Increasing conversion rates can also increase your page authority.

4. Make sure your content is unique and relevant to your target audience

You should make your content original. If you want to draw people in, take the time to find out what they are interested in. In particular, choose a topic that you can speak about with authority. Write about what you know, and readers will trust you more. If your readers trust you more, then your da and pa will automatically increase yourself. 

5. Update your site regularly, but make sure you don't overdo it!

Optimizing your site for better search rankings increases your traffic, and the social signals will increase your DA and PA score. Updating your page with new content forces search engines to visit the page a couple of times per day, giving a DA Score boost.

6. Improve user experience with good design and straightforward navigation

User experience is something that is often overlooked. Still, a compelling user experience can result in an increase in conversion rates that can help your site grow and also help to increase domain and page authority.

7. Make sure you don't have broken links on your site (use the broken link checker tool)

Broken links will be highly penalized by Google. Your site-domain authority will reduce, your DA (domain authority) will come down, and your ability to rank for relevant terms will decline.
You can also check the broken link on this website, Broken Links Checker.

8. Use social media for more inbound links to increase your DA and PA

If you're trying to improve your site's DA and PA, one thing you can do is use social media. Find an interesting post on another website related to yours. If it has more backlinks than posts, there's a good chance you can get an inbound link from it too. Then get involved in the comments or any other way and suggest that you have something to share.

9. Get links from other high-ranking sites

If you want to boost your DA and PA score, you need backlinks from high-ranking websites (and I am not talking about link wheels). These days, people tend to worry about building backlinks from the same IP address or being banned by Google if they spam blog comments. None of this is significant. In the beginning, your site will be low-ranking and hence can only attract low-quality sites with low PR as backlink partners. So don't worry.

10. Try guest blogging to improve your site's reputation and da pa score

Guest blogging will get you back-links, back-links, back-links. Back-links improve your search engine ranking. I love guest blogging because it helps me develop my writing skills, improves my site's domain authority, and gets high-quality backlinks that make me look more professional and increase my da and pa score double with the help of guests blogging.


With a high DA and PA score, you will be able to improve your SEO efforts by increasing the number of people visiting your website.

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