10 Pro SEO Tips to rank your website for Blogger/WordPress

SEO is not an overnight task, it takes time and patience. Here we have compiled 10 Pro tips to rank your website in 2021 and 2022 to rank on google

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and with good reason. Google does a pretty good job of presenting the results that best match your search query. But it can be challenging for publishers to rank on Google as there are tons of other publishers trying to get their content in front of you. 

To make it easier, we’ve put together this list of 10 SEO tips & tricks that should help you rapidly increase your rank on Google search results and tell you some tips & tricks to beat your competitors in the google search engine.

SEO Pro Tips in 2021-2022

10 SEO Tips in 2021- 2022

1) Select Best Niche

The first step for an SEO strategy is the niche you will establish for your website.  

Before starting an SEO optimization project, you need to consider your website's niche. You need to determine and select a keyword that will get good search results for the target audience. Therefore, if you do not choose a good niche market for your website, then you will not get good search results or traffic.

See Example: backlinko.com website is focused on the SEO niche, and most of his posts are ranking in the SEO niche keywords like SEO, SEO tips & tricks, etc...

Niche Topics:
Digital Marketing
Gas/ Electricity 
Claim etc...

2) Do Keywords Research

Keyword Research in 2021-2022

Keywords Research is the heart of SEO. The keywords you select for your website are like signposts, telling potential customers where to find you. The more search engines know about what you're offering and how to see it, the more likely they are to deliver qualified visitors. Getting these keywords right is crucial if you want to do well in the organic competition search terms on search engines such as Google and Bing.

In Keyword Research, there are 2 particular types of Keywords are there:

 1) Long-tail Keyword.

 2) Short-Tail Keyword.

3)  Make Unique Title

Meta Title

The first impression one might get from your web page is what visitors will see when looking at your website title tag. You should make your web page titles stand out from all other runners out there for your visitor to keep on reading and get interested in the content of your website.

If you want to attract your visitors and make them click and wish to stay on your website, you must choose a perfect title for your blog post. Your Meta Title should be 50 to 60 characters in between. Because if your title is long, then your website looks dull. To make a title short and sweet, you can start with the keyword and then follow up with some important ones like categories, tags, brands, links to other resources, etc.

4) Make Meaningful Descriptions

Meta Descriptions

The description is the part that relates to a short description of your article; this is an important part regarding your content as it attracts attention from your audience. You can add some professionals regarding your content, like you can add this info in the About Us Section or Contact Us Page if you want.

Google will only show a maximum of 160 characters in the description, and on some search result pages, Google will display a narrative that is somewhat less than 160 characters.

5) Link Building

Link Building

Link building is the process of acquiring back-links (i.e., links from one website to another). The purpose of link building is to get your website to rank higher in search results and to achieve a high page ranking. Like in other areas of life, where a friend is critical for your social development, backlinks are essential for website promotion.

In link building, there are two types of backlinks.
1) External Backlinks
2) Internal Backlinks

Both play a vital role in building up a website's reputation.

6) Permalink

Permalink in 2021

A permalink is a short URL that always points to the same resource. URLs are used to identify resources on the web and permanent links to them. Using permalinks, you can tell visitors to your blog or website what a resource is about, even if it's moved or the page on which it appeared has changed. Permalinks are incredibly convenient when referring to content produced by other people.

7) Page Speed of your website

Google Page Speed in 2021

Pagespeed affects several factors in search engine ranking. Pagespeed is called 'Google speed' at times, as Google pays a lot of attention to this factor in search rankings. Webmasters and SEO experts need to learn how to speed up their websites, not only from users' perspectives but also from Google's perspective.

Google has announced another update to its search algorithm. The update is aimed at the speed that web pages load on mobile and desktop. Google's PageSpeed will consider how fast web pages load on mobile phones and how fast they respond to commands such as tapping and scrolling.

PageSpeed is based on these 3 metrics in google update
1) LCP(Largest Contentful Paint), 
2) FCP(First Contentful Paint), 
3) CLS(Cummulative Layout Speed).

8) Mobile Friendliness Website

Mobile Friendly website in 2021

Mobile-friendliness is the most essential criterion for Google and other search engines. Google gives more priority to mobile-friendly websites in its indexing. When a website is mobile-friendly, it automatically has the edge over the non-mobile-friendly website. Mobile-friendly websites are also rank higher on Google SERP than non-Mobile-friendly sites.

As of June 2021, Google will consider a site’s mobile-friendliness as an essential factor in determining search engine rankings.

9) Image Optimization

Image Optimization in 2021-2022

Image optimization is about making your images as small in size as they can be without changing their perceived quality. Usually, this means an image that looks good when printed even though it is much smaller than the original image file.

Image Optimization will keep your site load times as fast as possible, from 1 second to 2 seconds on average.

One benefit is that optimized images can take up to 80% less space, allowing your images to load faster. This also means less image clutter to wait for the images to load.

10) Choose an SEO Friendly Template

SEO Friendly Template in 2021

SEO template plays a vital role in your site if your site runs on some kind of CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Weebly, blogger, etc...  It helps users find information that they want and navigate through a website without having any difficulty. So, it is essential to choose the right SEO template for your business website.

Many SEO templates are available for WordPress and other blog platforms that promise the best search results.


Hopefully, you learned something new and apply it to your day-to-day work. In a future post, I will deliver more into these SEO writing tips and give plenty of information for all of you! As always, leave your comments/concerns and ask any questions below.
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