BlogSpot Domain Vs Custom Domain: Which Domain is Good for Blogging in 2021?

There are two types of domain name a Blogspot domain or a custom domain. There are certain aspects of each one that makes it good for blogging in 2021

In Blogging, the main tough things were to think about which domain I have to use, a custom domain or a Blogspot domain in blogging for a long time. So in this post, we will tell you which domain is best for blogging custom domain or Blogspot domain.

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Blogspot & Custom domain is trendy among new bloggers. But which one is the best? Are there any differences between them? How to choose the right one for your blog? Let's find the answers in this article.
Blogspot Domain vs Custom Domain Which domain is best for blogging for beginners

What is Domain?

A domain name is a name that points to some resource on the internet. Typically you associate a domain name with an IP address, but it doesn't have to be that way. A domain name can also point to content (web pages, pictures, videos, etc.), email addresses, or other resources hosted on servers somewhere on the internet.

Domain Name System is a system used to assign an IP address to each host on the internet.

An example of a domain name is

What is Custom Domain?

A custom domain is a common name for a user-owned website address (e.g.,, Custom domains are also called vanity domains and are a popular choice for bloggers and website owners because, unlike or, you can customize your custom domain to your unique personal style, making the URL more memorable and stand out from the crowd of blogger names on.

What is Blogspot Domain?

A Blogspot domain name is just like any other domain name you can register anywhere else. It consists of a label (like followed by a period and a suffix (like domain name is a free, publicly available website address that allows you to put up your own website on Blogger using only Google's search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

If you own the Blogspot domain for your website, you probably created a blog at some point and did not bother about hosting, as Blogspot provides free services to post your content on the internet.

Now let's discuss what domain names we should put into use in blogging in 2021.

Which Domain do we have to use in blogging? Blogspot or Custom Domain

The good news is that there are opportunities to turn your blog into a profitable business. You have to invest first, but you think that Where we have to invest first, so my answer is to invest first in your custom domain name or your own domain name like (

If you want to become a well-established blogger, you first need to invest in the right blog domain name because having a custom or top-level domain makes it easy for potential readers to find you and your content.

The benefits of using your own custom domain name in writing are that you can rank better on search engines and that you'll benefit from the top-level domain associated with it.

If you plan to blog for a long time, it is better to have your own domain name. And if you have planned to blog for a short time, say 1 year or less, then go ahead with, but if you are planning to blog for a longer time of about 3 years or more, then go ahead and get your custom domain registered.

If you don't have enough money to buy a domain, you should continue using free platforms like Blogger. But after 6 months, when you have enough money from Adsense and display advertising on your website, buy your own custom domain first.

Advantages of Using a Custom Domain name in Blogging?

Your own domain name is an integral part of your blog’s identity and can help with SEO.

Customers can easily find your website on the Internet as it stands out from the ordinary URLs.

Gain credibility by using a professional address on a custom domain name.

Readers can remember and find your blog more easily; search engines will view your site as more authoritative.

Your own unique address on the internet tells visitors where you are. It looks professional and provides a boost in search engine rankings.

When you continually create content that users find valuable, they'll bookmark your website to return to it. This will eventually increase your page rank on search engines.

Final Words on Using a Custom Domain for your website

A custom domain for your website is an excellent idea because it's less buggy and more professional than using what comes with a free website. Not to mention that it helps your visitors remember where you are.

A custom domain name for your site may seem expensive at first, but you'll realize that the reverse is true if you think about it. A good SEO-Friendly custom domain name can help increase your traffic more than social media or any other marketing campaign. That's because whatever keyword is embedded in your domain name helps people find you when they search online for that keyword.