Google AdSense Approval Requirements Tips in Blogger 2021

Here is the Lists of Google adsense approval requirement in blogger to help you to get approval process easily when applying these tips in blogger.

If you have started blogging in 2021 and If you have to earn money then Google Adsense is the best ad publisher for bloggers, its approval process is not very easy. So we had an interesting discussion with some bloggers who had some valuable information about Google Adsense Publisher. After Such a long Discussion we came to know all the detail and Google Adsense Approval Criteria and yes we made our own approved list and we called it the Adsense Approval Criteria list for Blogger in 2021.

Hello, Friends! Today I want to share with you all my experience while I was applying for Google AdSense and How I Got Approved so Fast and Easily.

Google Adsense Approval Requirements in blogger 2021 (Important Tips)

Adsense Approval Requirement Tips for blogger

Every Blogger wants to know how to monetize their blog using Google Adsense. This is not an easy task though. So here are 11 factors that you need to consider before applying for Adsense for your website.

I have to follow these 11 Steps Very Carefully and I get Approval Easily:

1) Use Top Level Domains

If you want to start a blog and monetize it through Google Adsense then you have to invest in a domain name from the range of .com, .in, .tech, .org, .net, .gov, or .edu. You can not get approval from Google Adsense for bloggers for top-level domains like .info, .biz, etc.

2) Use High-Quality Theme with Proper Navigation in Blogger

The most important thing in getting approval for Adsense in blogger is to use a GOOD theme with proper navigations (this is the one I use). If you want your blog approved, make it clean and don't make it too much crowded.

In Navigation, you have to only Put this part only to get Approved
  • Home
  • About
  • Contact 
  • Category with dropdown
  • Documentation of your video or blogs
  • Different Dropdown related to our niche

 Note: Don't Put Any Affiliate marketing Links

High-Quality Theme List Name in Blogger

  1. Median UI
  2. Fletro Pro
  3. Imagz
  4. Freebify
  5. Litespot

3)  Write at least 30 to 35 posts with 1,000 words each.

Adsense is the best but most difficult thing to get. If you want the approval of Adsense then you have to Write aAlteast 30 to 35 Posts with 1000+ word lengths each in blogger. This is because if your article length is less than 1000 words then AdSense will not approve it as a good article as they believe that only those articles which are of 1000 or more words will attract readers.

4) Atleast your Domain age was 1 month old or more before applying

If you're applying to a blogger account, then at least your domain should be 3 months old or more. If your domain is over 1 month old, then you should have no trouble getting approved for a blogger account.

I have also applied for AdSense after 3 months and I get approval easily from Adsense. 

5) Write Unique, Relevant & Easily Readable Content

If I am saying Unique & relevant Content means that you have to write useful & Informative content for users. But Don't write Copy or spin article Content because AdSense checks the quality of Content and also check-up to some plagiarism limits.

Write it on your own not with the help of AI content because Adsense is now strict and they will not get approved if you use these technologies like AI Content, Spin article content, Copy Content, etc...

Adsense Want as high-quality Content with relevant information with easily understand by users this will help you to get Approval very fast & Easily.

6) Add Technical Pages in the blogger

On the technical Page, you have to Add This Page to the blogger like:
  1. About Us Page
  2. Contact Us Page
  3. Sitemap (Optional)
  4. Terms & Conditions
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Disclaimer

7) Your Blog has at Atleast Some amount of traffic

If you want to make money under the Google AdSense program then you must have enough traffic (at least 1000 to 2000 Visitors per month) on your website or blog.  If you don't meet the criteria of traffic then Google will not approve your application and you never get any revenue from it.

8) Write Single Language Content in your Blogs

Adsense policy tells you that you should write your content (only) in 1 language, Adsense approves from single language content, if you have written in any number of languages then Adsense auto-reject your application if your blog post with multilingual content then after approval it will automatically be rejected by Adsense Team.

So that is mean if you want approval from Adsense in blogger your content must work on Single language Content.

I have also work in 1 Language only and I get approval easily when working on 1 language consistently. 

9) Make Sure your All Posts & Pages be Index in GSC(Google Search Console)

Many people are asking why their AdSense approval is taking so long when in fact they have done everything right. The reason for this is because, in AdSense approval, the AdSense team member sees that you are all post index or not. If your post is not index then your approval is rejected. If your all post is index properly in sitemap and see in search engine then you are eligible for Adsense approval in blogger.

10) Make Use of  High Quality & Copyright free Images

Yes. Please make sure the images(photos) you are uploading to your blogger blog should be of High quality. Adsense only approved high quality & copyright images in bloggers. 

If you want to create a high-quality image then use Canva For better infographics posters of your blogs to get the approval process easily.

11) Work on Single Niche

When you are working on so many niches in blogger then you will not get AdSense approved because Adsense policy says that Work on a Single Niche. After all, It consistently Increases traffic and also increases the trust of Google and help to rank in google easily & also get the approval process easily.

I have also work in a Single Niche in Starting of blogging. So I cannot get much difficulty with Adsense approval in blogger. 
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Final Verdict

If you apply these 11 Adsense approval requirements properly then you will also get approval easily within 1 to 2 days without any rejection in blogger.

I hope you learn something new from these posts If you know somethings new then share it with your friends they will also get help to get the approval process easier by applying these tips in blogger.

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