How to Fix Low & Thin Value Content in Google Adsense 2021

In these article we will tell you How to Fix Low & Thin value Content in Google adsense because now a day many blogger face many issue on these error

A low-value content error is a common issue that may appear in the approval process of Google Adsense. This is a message from Google, which sometimes can be confusing for site owners because it seems to them as if they have been banned from publishing ads. But this is not so, as Google does not ban their publishers or sites with such errors.

Many Blogger Face this type of Adsense approval guideline error nowadays & they don't fix their low-quality & low-value content.

Today I am going to give you an amazing trick of fixing low-value content errors in Google Adsense with my method. Low-value content is the worst possible situation that can happen to your site's google Adsense account, since if caused by the Google Adsense Bot then it will affect your earnings severely.

So Let's Start the Posts

How to Fix Low Value Content Error in Google Adsense 2021

How to Fix Low-Value Content Error In Google Adsense 2021

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to solve low-value content issues and the Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

1) Write At least 1000+ Words in each article

Nowadays Google Adsense team members focussing on content on the website with 1000+ words.

Because many people apply for AdSense but they didn't write so much and apply for Adsense and that the problem they face is the low-value content error. 

My Tips: I also face this type of error but I have written all posts with 1000+ words with FAQs, some user-based questions etc... and reapply for AdSense then I get approval easily this is my first reason.

2) Write Quality Content Not Rewrite Content

Google Adsense is based on good & quality content. If you want to earn money with your website, focus on creating content that people will want to read.

The best articles are in-depth, are well researched, are current, are relevant, are focused on readers' needs, and above all else.

If you write rewrite content then Adsense will reject you with a reason of Low-value content or make sure that your site has unique content.

My Tips: In starting blogging I also write Plagiarism content & rejection from AdSense but when I research topics & write content with my own words with good quality then I reapply & after that I also get approval from Adsense.  I am writing my own content with my own experience 

3) Use Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

A template is an important part of the website. In Google Adsense template is also important to show ads on our website. Because Adsense thinks that we only accept that website whose website template is AdSense friendly & fast loading.

My Tips: I am using Redesign of Fletro Pro Blogger Template & Responsive, Fast Loading template with proper UI Navigation.

4) Don't Insert Too Many Screenshots, Videos, Download files.

I have seen any website that they make blogs and paste other screenshots or Other videos and other download links. That means they are doing nothing and just copy-paste in their blogs that the first second reason for low-value content.

Second Reason that was they paste 4 to 5 screenshot, video, download file in the website and just copy-paste article or rewrite the article and paste in their website. and they write only 400 to 500 words. They do not write their original content So there is also a reason for low-value content error.

My Tips: I am Using our own Videos, Download File, with high-quality screenshots but I am not spammy my website with Unnecessary screenshots, videos, download files. 

My Personal Tips to Fix Low-value Content & Webmaster Guidelines

  1. Don't Insert too many Downloadable Link, Screenshots, Videos etc... This also contains for thin value content error.
  2. Use high-Quality Themes like Fletro Pro, Median UI, Freebify, Imagz Landing Page, Litespot etc...
  3. Use Silo Structure in Blogger to fix webmaster quality guidelines.
  4. Write At least 900 to 1100 words Approximately to fix low-value content.
  5. Write your Thought Content Not rewriting content to fix low & thin value content.
  6. Write only 1 niche don't write too much niche because Adsense team members think that they are not experts to work on 1 niche and that is the reason they are giving low-value content errors.
  7. Write Posts Daily.
After 15 days reapply for Adsense because this is the short interval time to trust Adsense that we are solving low-value content errors.

Conclusion: Low value Content

In the above article, I have tried to highlight the reason why Google Adsense has been reduced as a viable revenue distribution channel for bloggers. It is basically because of low-quality content being written with keyword stuffing and unrelated keywords.  Generating this kind of low-quality content takes a lot of time and investments with little or no monetary returns,  presenting a terrible business model for a blog writer who needs a constant stream of financial income to survive.  

To solve this problem, I will be looking at ways to make blogging profitable either through adding affiliate links inside posts or by integrating cost per action networks with blog posts where payment is directly made from visitors who download various downloads or purchase products from within the post.

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