10 Proven Ways To Write Quality Guest Posts

10 Proven Ways to Write Quality Guest Posts and Get Featured on High Authority Blogs will teach you everything that you need to know about guest blogs

10 Proven Ways To Write Quality Guest Posts & Get Featured On High Authority Blogs

Guest Blogging

Guest posting is the best marketing strategy for building quality backlinks and promoting your business. Doing the right guest posting in the right marketplace can play a pivotal role in the growth of your business.

There is a paradigm shift in the field of marketing. Websites now want more high-quality content than ever before for digital marketing purposes.

Let’s discuss the tips and strategies you should carefully consider while writing quality guest posting

Know your Audience and Intent

You are writing content for your audience so you should know the following things if you are going for guest posting
  • Who is your reader?
  • What intent does your audience have?
  • What do they want to search for?
Explain them in a good manner, know what their problems are, and how you can solve their problems with your content. Your guest post should answer many questions if you want to rank top.

Create High-Quality Content

High quality and unique content matter. If you want to rank your posted articles high-ranking, you should create unique and high-quality content. 

Quality Content

Copy-paste content doesn’t work. Give your best content, in this way you will be able to rank top on the ranking. So, generate your quality guest posting to find more traffic and reach.

Buildup relationships

Building relationships with high domain authority websites give your content great exposure. Many websites are interested in generating backlinks, you can build a relationship with them. Because this is an easy way to promote your content via these websites. These mutual relationships benefit you in the long run in the digital world. 
How to build relationships
There are some popular ways to build relationships.
  • Stay connected with popular websites
  • Build relationships with bloggers and editors
This will help you to survive in ranking battles. So, keep it up and don’t give up.

Quality Research

Research and development are key to success in any field of life. Content marketing and guest posting are not away from this reality. you can write the right guest post with quality research which will rank your article top on the search. 

Quality and uniqueness of content matter, you only can write a unique guest post if your research will be qualitative. 

Your facts and figures should be clear. Due to research, you can find clarity in your writing ideas and do quality research for better results.

Be clear in your writing

A soldier cannot tell you how to sell garments because he doesn’t know marketing strategies. So, if you are going to write something, your thoughts should be clear. You cannot tell others if you don’t have proper knowledge of things which you are going to say. So don’t be fake in your writing.

Futuristic Approach

Your approach should be fresh and futuristic while writing a guest post. You should not write duplicate content. Because there are many articles on the internet that are information-stuffed. Information is essential but you have to adopt a futuristic and positive approach. You have to write a unique solution to the audience’s problems.

So, you should create high-quality articles that stand you out on the top, for this purpose your approach to the existing topic must be unique. You have to answer the questions in different ways. Because any question has been answered on google with different answers. 

Your Answer should unique

A single question has many solutions and you can easily find them on google. But you have to produce uniqueness in your answer. For example, if you search for benefits of link building there will be many blogs on this topic and their answer will be almost the same but your answer should be fresh enough to inspire your audience.

So always be in quest of uniqueness in writing for better search results.

Focus on content density

What is content density? 

The simple google definition is the ratio of the content on a page concerning the size of that page.

Why does content density matter?

If your page has higher content density then it will provide better search engine rankings.
Don’t extend 500-word articles to 1000. If you are providing a complete answer to a question in 500 to 400 words it is better to write 1000 words articles with extra and irrelevant information. So to be concise and precise, in the ranking game you need some smart solutions and don’t always do traditional things which others have been doing many times.

Write in a language which audience better understand 

If you are writing articles for scholars and professionals, then you have to write according to their minds and thoughts. Your writing should be clear and literary, if your content is not literary or scholarly, a scholar will switch to your page. This is an example of your understanding.

For a business, there is a matter of fact you have a vast knowledge of business terms and strategies which will engage the businessman to read your article thoroughly. If he could not find proper language and tone it will no longer stay on your page.


Feedback is the strategy that can help you to evaluate yourself. If your feedback is good it means your work is fine. Feedback enhances your ability and positively corrects you. Feedback prevents you from future mistakes.

On the other hand, feedback is two communication processes that engage you with your audience indirectly. It makes you more credible and trustworthy.

To sum up, all tips and strategies, which I have discussed with you, are key to success in the battle of guest posting. If you want to win this battle of rankings you should keenly follow all things.

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