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Title and Description Preview Tool | Blog Triggers
This is an example description that will get replaced when you start typing. Make sure to keep descriptions mobile-friendly and keyword-rich!

Best Practices When Writing for SEO


  • Remember mobile-friendliness! Keep your character count around 65 characters, or else Google will cut it off with ellipses (...)
  • Use important keywords that reflect the subject of the page
  • Put important keywords first or as early as possible and your branding in at the end
  • Write a unique title for each page that closely replicates (but doesn't duplicate) the H1 of the page


  • Always keep character count in mind - keep it around 155, but no more than 160
  • Just like titles, keep each page's description unique to that page and put the most important keywords up front
  • Consider it an ad - write compelling copy with both your branding and calls to action
  • Heads up: Google won't always use your exact description as they may pull in content in the page that is most relevant to the searcher's query
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