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We're looking for bloggers to publish guest posts on topics related to blogging, SEO, hosting, etc. The best part is that you can publish your article and blogs for paid on our site. But make sure that your content looks good, attractive, unique & 100% original Content.

Write for Us is Paid on our website

Which Category we are Providing to Write for us:




👉KNOWLEDGE (like Programming-related, Difference-related, Adsense-related, etc...)

These are the niche we are covering for Guest Posts.

Write for Us Guidelines

  1. We will only accept articles that we consider 100% original content & genuinely useful for our users.
  2. Your articles should be more than 1000 words long because we provide value to our readers by going over a lot of related topics and giving detailed explanations
  3. Your articles should be associated with the categories of our blog.
  4. Be sure that your paragraphs are not too long. It is best to break up a paragraph into shorter sentences or to use numbered lists.
  5. When writing an article, ensure that it encapsulates your message so that people will click on it.
  6. Please make sure your article is free of spelling & grammatical errors.
  7. Please make sure you don't submit a rewritten version of something that has already been published on this website or another website.
  8. Your content should be at least 1000 words with 1 backlink. However, backlinks on the same site should not be there. Spammy links should not be inserted.
  9. If you add spammy links to your content, you will not pass the moderation process and your post will be deleted.
  10. All contributions to your articles should be in English Languages.
  11. The images that you use with your articles are very important. They should have a high resolution and be related to the article. Copy or duplicate images will not be accepted.
  12. We guarantee to publish your article within 48 hours of receiving it (If these criteria meet)
  13. Please note that It is our policy to publish articles that are linked to by one or two dofollow backlinks. We have found that this helps the article to rank better in Google, so we encourage you to use these links when possible. However, if you wish to change a dofollow backlink on an existing article, we will charge a fee of 10$ per change.

Terms & Conditions for Write for Us

It is not permitted to post the same article that you have published on another website.

The information should be relevant to the subject of the article/blog:

1) Unique Posts (word file with included header)

2) Relevant & attractive Images 

3) Meta Titles

4) Meta Descriptions
5) Keywords

What will you get from Write for Us?

Standard Backlinks will be provided to you

We only make posts available under the admin/editor.

We will promote your information on our business websites and on social media.

How to Send an Article?

👉Send an article via mail to blogtriggers@gmail.com

We will review your article & then we will inform you via mail whether your article is approved or not.

We will send Emails in these formats:

1) Good job! Your article has been approved by our staff and is ready for publishing on the site.

2) We apologize for not being able to publish your article because it does not meet our guidelines & terms and conditions.

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