How To Host A Website in Infinityfree Web Hosting in 2021

How to Host a Website in Infinityfree Hosting is one of the best free and reliable hosting service used by thousands of people. It safe & easy to use.
This article will teach you how to host your website for free and unlimited. As you know, this hosting has become more and more popular in just a few years, and it is currently the best free hosting. The lack or absence of a website and the unwillingness to pay for affordable and reliable web hosting are still the only possible solutions.

How to host a website in infinty free hosting for free

5 simple steps to host your website in unlimited free hosting - Infinity free

1) First, you need to create a new hosting account on Infinite Free Hosting

2)After registering a new account, you can access the control panel at any time to run 3 websites/accounts with lifetime hosting and free unlimited free hosting subdomains.

3)  Now, you create your account of hosting, and you can see here that there are 3 steps for the domain

Step1): You can choose a subdomain or custom domain name. In infinity free hosting, they provide the subdomain, but they don't give you your own .com. 

They can give you their custom domain name if you want to rank a free sub-domain, so if you want to rank your free subdomain, choose the best keywords and do your best SEO to rank your website at the top.

Note: If you are using a custom domain name, then you have to change the nameservers of your custom domain in infinity free hosting and then add 2 infinity free nameservers ( and in a custom domain name. after changing the nameservers you have to wait for few hours to activate the nameservers.

Step2): Enter additional information means that you have to add your data like an account password because it secures your account from any attack.

Step3): Account successful done  here you can see that your domain is set up, and then you get 2 things:

1) View in client area: You can control everything in the client area like password, Cpanel, etc...

2) Control panel: where you can upload your files in Cpanel.

4) Now, if you want to upload your HTML or PHP file, then go to 

File > Online file manager > .htdocs

Important note: All HTML or PHP files will include only in the .htdocs folder. This is your root folder of hosting, where you can put your index.html or index.php file. If you are not uploading your file in .htdocs, then your website is unable to see it. Your website is not running wherever you have uploaded index.html or PHP files.

5) Congratulations🎉🎉 Now your website is hosted on google but not on top. You have to do SEO for that.  

Lists of Free Plans of Infinityfree hosting

Plan:           Infinityfree

FTP accounts: 1 / 1

Sub-Domains: 0 / Unlimited

Add-on Domains: 1 / Unlimited

Parked Domains: 0 / Unlimited

MySQL Databases: 0 / Unlimited

Disk Quota: Unlimited

Disk Space Used 0 MB

Disk Free Unlimited

Inodes Used 0 % (0 of 30019)

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Bandwidth used: 0 MB

Bandwidth remaining: Unlimited

Daily Hits Used 0 % (0 of 50000)

You can see that infinity free is giving so many things for free. 

If you want a premiums plan, then you have to pay for that.

You can see his cheap premium plan here, Infinityfree hosting premium plans

Why Infinityfree is giving free hosting forever?

It was fundamental that all people cannot host a website because some people don't have a budget to buy hosting. So infinity free team has thought that they will provide free & reliable web hosting for all users to achieve their dream one day by making an attractive website using infinity free hosting service providers.

Final Verdict

I recommend you to use infinity free hosting because it provides several facilities, including a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and space and it is easy to set up.

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