7 Best Web Hosting Review for Beginners in 2023

March 18 2021 - Here we will the top 7 hosting full review in 2021 for beginners that help to choose best hosting for them.
You are running an online business, your business can be a website like a blog or a website that has some features to offer and you need hosting that will help to make your website live and popular.

In the online world, you need great hosting to host your website. From an SEO point of view, of course, it should be a reliable one. Here we will tell you the best 7 hosting for your website that runs fast, secure, and low price.

Top 7 Web Hosting Reviews for beginners in 2021

List of 7 Best Web Hosting

1) BlueHost - Best Hosting Platform for WordPress

2) Hostinger - Best Cheap Hosting Platform

3) Dreamhost - Best Most Reasonable Plan from Month to Month

4) Siteground - Best Customer Care Services you get

5) A2hosting - Fast & good Shared hosting for beginners

6) Hostgator - Better Feature & easy to use

7) Greengeeks -  Best Useful & Eco-friendly Hosting

Here are the 9 best tips on why we should choose the best web hosting

1. First-time Purchase 

Before you buy the hosting, you need to check the price for the first-time service and the renewal fees. Most companies are doing that they are giving you a discounted price in the first year, then they charge double renewal fees. So Please check the Price for the given year.

2.  Support 

Many companies are not giving support to check out that they will you support. If they give you support, check that they solve your problem quickly or take 2 - 3 days to solve your problem.

3.  Backup/ Security

If you choose the best hosting services, you have to check your data's security and back up your data. Because the hosting provider is also vulnerable to online threats. Please ensure that your data are safe and do daily backups whenever you want.

4. Terms & Conditions

I request you whenever you choose web hosting. Please read all the terms & conditions of the hosting website. In terms & conditions, the company will describe there all requirements of the website.

5. Review & Rating 

The next important thing was rating & review. Because online, there are many good & bad reviews based on their experience in hosting websites. So people can read and see the rating, so they get the idea that this hosting is good or not.  

6. Package Comparison 

As I said earlier, many hosting providers in the market claimed that this package is the best among all the services in one package. As a customer, we are responsible check the best box for our business in all our needs. Please compare all hosting packages to each other and choose the best hosting package for our company.

7. Domain

As a customer, we love free domain stuff along with the product. Please check whether this company is giving free domains or not and for how many years without any charge. Choose a service that you can run.  

8. Refund Policy

This is an important point because when you are a customer of a specific hosting service and need to stop the service and move to another service provider, you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving. You can ask for a refund and cancellation of service.

9. cPanel

Please check if the hosting provider company is charging for this service because most companies give c-Panel free.

Now let's see the types of hosting services:

1)  Web hosting  a complex of different services and functions that allow you to allocate a  website and all related files on the web.

2) Shared hosting - the cheapest and the most popular type of web hosting.  When purchasing a shared plan, you get a part of a server that can allocate a relatively small website. Shared projects are great for startups.

3) VPS hosting - the golden mean. VPS hosting awards you with a more significant part of a server. In fact, this gives you better performance and more negligible risk of getting your website(s) blocked because of a lousy server neighborhood.

4) Dedicated hosting – the most advanced solution. You get a whole server—or even several servers—for allocating your website. Dedicated servers are strictly advised if your website works with extensive databases or hosts many media files.

5) Cloud Hosting - a network of servers that host the same information, which can be used to increase your website's performance or for adjusting servers without getting your website offline.

Now let's review the hosting services:

1) Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the foremost in style and best selections for internet hosting.

That’s as a result of they provide friendly shared internet hosting solutions at unbelievably cheap costs. They’re conjointly made-to-order for people UN agencies are new website-building.

If you bog down or have a haul, they need 24/7 support by phone or live chat. No hoops to leap through either. They list their support range and live chat choices right on their website; you'll reach it with 2 clicks.

They conjointly provide great analytics and SEO tools to assist you in optimizing your site’s performance—while attracting additional guests.

Their SEO tool scores and tracks however well your website is ranking for specific keywords. This provides you a decent plan. However, you ought to optimize your website for the most straightforward search rankings.

They conjointly provide hosting, which will support you no matter the direction your business grows.

Let’s say you begin with a typical shared hosting arrangement and wish to put it in WordPress. They need a straightforward 1-click install to create that happen. Then if your {site|website| website} keeps growing and you wish to upgrade to managed WordPress hosting to hurry up your site and improve security, they need that too. If you want to urge additional management by upgrading to VPS or dedicated hosting, they need each plan.

The point is that Bluehost covers everything you'll probably like from a number. That’s what makes them the simplest for beginner website creators.

If you begin with them, you’ll ne'er get to switch to some other person.

2) Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the foremost cheap internets hosts out there.

Seriously, their lowest arrangement is $0.99/month. That’s the lowest.

Hostinger valuation

All of those rates area unit promotion; thus, they’ll go up at renewal. However, you’re ready to lock in these ridiculous costs on an extended subscription.

They offer four years of hosting for $0.99/month if you get the four years direct. That’s an incredible deal.

Even once the promotional valuation ends, the valuation remains super low. The single-site arrangement solely prices $2.15/month, one in every of rock bottom rates within the business.

The best part? Hostinger doesn’t desire low-cost hosting.

From the promotion to the UI for managing your website, it looks like a premium host.

Hostinger conjointly offers a separate arrangement only for email hosting. That starts at simply $0.99/month too.

The uptime, site speed, and support area unit are all pretty smart too. They need a ninety-nine. 9% period guarantee in conjunction with 24/7 support whenever you wish to facilitate. Don’t expect them to be quite nearly as good as different hosts; however, the worth per greenback is unbeatable.

3) Dreamhost

DreamHost offers an incredible shared net hosting plan—with terribly cheap month-to-month costs.

In fact, their month-to-month plans begin at $3.95/month. This arrangement includes one website with unlimited traffic, besides a free SSL Certificate—a large indefinite quantity.

If you’re fascinated by saving even more cash, their annual and three-year contracts begin at $2.49/month, which remains fantastic even if it’s not rock bottom on this list (check out Hostinger below for rock bottom contract hosting plans).

Along with excellent costs, DreamHost additionally stands out for the approach they manage their net hosts. They don’t use the quality cPanel that the majority of hosts use. Instead, DreamHost offers a totally custom board to manage your website. This can be nice for developers WHO need additional management over their websites.

There is a catch: It makes things way tougher to migrate off DreamHost. However, migrating to DreamHost is less complicated than ever although.

Their free migration plugin helps you to migrate in exceedingly few steps. You’ll even be ready to scale your hosting as your website grows.

If you run a non-profit-making, I extremely suggest DreamHost. They provide one free Unlimited shared hosting arrange for 501(c)(3) organizations.

DreamHost is another one of WordPress’s 3 suggested hosts and includes some managed WordPress hosting in its basic shared plans. It additionally offers a managed arrangement with additional bells and whistles known as DreamPress. It will have an Associate in Nursing industry-leading free period — a full 97-day money-back guarantee — and a precise evaluation that doesn’t increase once your initial contract.

The free period is the longest within the business — ninety-seven days. Since DreamHost doesn’t do promo evaluation, the value won’t jump once your 1st contract is up. This can be one in every rock bottom hosting cost out there; it’s an excellent choice for anyone wanting to save lots of each dollar.

Customer service could be very little less traditional: email support is offered 24/7; however, live chat is merely on throughout business hours. If you wish for technical support over the phone, you've got to pay an extra $9.95. However, if you spring for either the DreamPress or professionally managed WordPress plans, phone support is enclosed beside different premium options.

4) Siteground

SiteGround comes with 2 things heaps of internet hosts don’t: a fanatical fan base and glowing reviews.

In fact, 97.7% of their shopper's area units are terribly glad about their service in line with SiteGround’s annual satisfaction survey.

Their name is stellar. Along with side DreamHost and Bluehost, SiteGround is one of WordPress’s 3 counseled internet hosts. WordPress hosting is constructed into all of its shared hosting plans; you’ll get automatic updates, efficient security, and professional technical support.

SiteGround’s infrastructure is totally optimized for WordPress. They leverage Google Cloud with an associate degree in ultra-fast network and SSD persistent storage. Users have access to their suite of WordPress options like their WP Starter plugin that helps you simply build an internet site.

Where they extremely shine is their shared internet hosting. SiteGround’s servers area units ultra-fast and further secure, and they are units that perpetually deploy new updates to stay them that manner. They need several security measures and an associate degree in-house engineered server observance system that checks servers each 0.5 a second. Their 24/7 security team is often keeping a hawk-like eye out for code vulnerabilities.

Their highest-tier setup (GoGeek) is suped-up with tools developers can realize are particularly helpful, as well as a staging server and so-and-so repo creation. Various minor business and private websites can, in all probability, learn this overkill; however, if your desires area unit a lot of complicated than the fundamentals, SiteGround includes a ton to like.

There is one slight drawback. Once you blow through SiteGround’s initial valuation, your plan’s worth will increase a touch.

For example, its lowest tier of shared hosting jumps from $6.99/month to $14.99, and its highest level jumps from $14.99/month to $39.99. That doesn’t feel nice. Its price mentions providing premium options like SSL, daily backups, and excellent loading speeds to justify the value.

In fact, it absolutely was the explanation for many of the one-star reviews on TrustPilot. Wait for this once you’re examining valuation, and bear in mind that your hosting setup can last heaps longer than the promotional amount.

SiteGround Renewal costs

SiteGround’s period is thirty days—which is typical within the hosting business. There area unit a couple of alternative offerings on this list that provide an extended period. This isn’t a significant downside tho'. You’ll be ready to simply measure any host for a month.

SiteGround conjointly offers cloud hosting. In fact, SiteGround is one of every one of our high picks for cloud hosting thanks to its power and options like the auto-scaling tool. This enables you to satisfy sudden traffic sites by scaling many resources for your website while not desirable to get laid yourself.

If you think that there’s an opportunity for you’ll get to upgrade to some extreme hosting power once you generate various traffic, SiteGround could be an excellent choice that may create upgrades straightforward later.

Their client support is obtainable 24/7 across all channels — phone, chat, and email — and its cognitive content is made and well-organized.

They even have the highest, clear uptime: it's ninety-nine. 9% annual period guarantee (or you get a month of hosting free) and posts each its yearly average and therefore the previous month’s period of time right its website.

SiteGround period

SiteGround’s annual period compared to last month’s.

SiteGround is an outstanding choice for businesses with areas to grow. There are lots of upgrades to support you in this manner.

5) A2hosting

At each hosting tier (shared, VPS, dedicated), A2 Hosting beats alternative hosts on speed. If you’re coming back from another shared net host, you’re doubtless planning to see Associate in Nursing improve loading speed once you migrate to A2.

With their Turbo Boost and Turbo liquid ecstasy plans, you’ll get access to their Turbo Servers. They boast that it’s 20x quicker than their alternative servers and includes:

40% shorter AMD EPYC mainframe performance

2x quicker to 1st computer memory unit

Manage 9x a lot of traffic

3x faster read/write speeds with NVMe drives

A2 Hosting conjointly includes a ninety-nine. 9% period commitment on all plans, you recognize you’ll have a reliable host that won’t be down typically.

They offer free website migration with every set up too. If you’ve set your website abreast of a foul host and wish to migrate, this can be an incredible deal. It’ll save you dozens of hours making an attempt to induce your website remodeled. 

There are 1-click installs for all the favored CMS tools like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal, like several opposite net hosts.

Note: Their startup setup includes only 1 website.

If you propose hosting multiple websites, you’ll have to be compelled to get the Drive set up, which is an additional $2/month when the promotional amount ends.

One trick to avoid wasting cash with A2 Hosting: the promotional costs endways renewal. To lock within the sixty-three discount for as long as doable, select the tri-annual charge, which can bill for 3 years promptly. You’ll get a pair of years of hosting without charge.

6) Hostgator

HostGator is another net host that caters to tiny businesses.

However, we tend to find that they’re best for any business searching for accessible websites. If you don’t have plenty of bells and whistles you wish for from an online hosting supplier, HostGator could be a prime choice.

I’m talking regarding websites or portfolios wherever you only would like a visitor’s contact information. Or even you only would like AN regarding the page. Or a landing page to gather leads.

HostGator offers an intensive list of how-to guides for technical support. If you don’t notice the answers you wish, you'll be able to address phone, live chat, and email support.

Unlike some hosts, HostGator will embody support altogether its plans. If you would like a hosting arrangement that’s low cost and includes support, this is often the host for you.

If you would like to urge your hands dirty, there's a small amount of a learning curve to require advantage of their advanced choices.

HostGator will supply Windows hosting additionally to the UNIX operating system, further as a range of choices to upgrade, together with cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress, and a fervent server. Shared hosting plans begin at $2.75/month.

Hostgator Review rating Plans

HostGator tends to rank highly on technical school publications like PCMag. If you’re fascinated by HostGator, I like to recommend taking full advantage of the 45-day money-back guarantee and testing out their support totally before committing. Overall, this is often an excellent net host for easy preparation and uses a company website that doesn’t essentially see plenty of traffic monthly. However, VPS choices, it’ll permit you to scale if you wish.

7) Greengeeks

GreenGeeks is eco-friendly and different from alternative net hosting suppliers.

“Wait, what?”

Aside from being competent to the world, their net hosting services square measure prime notch. They provide quick speeds, solid periods, and excellent solutions for:

WordPress Hosting

WooCommerce Hosting

Reseller net Hosting

Virtual non-public Servers

Shared Hosting

Bottom line: They’re an incredible possibility for eco-conscious businesses and websites.

Here’s a glance at their costs for shared hosting.


If you intend to use WordPress, they'll build it simple for you to urge created in an exceedingly snap. They supply AN automatic 1-Click WordPress Installer and auto-updates to keep your WordPress website up thus far.

They also offer daily backups and advanced safety features to help you retain your information safely and securely.

GreenGeeks additionally stays up thus far with the most recent technology like PHP7, SSD, CDN, and more. This helps ensure your website perpetually stays quick and secure.

They additionally provide 24/7 support out there by phone, chat, or via their price tag system. They're generally terribly fast to retort and might assist with a good variety of problems.

I’m an enormous fan of GreenGeeks for their excellent service and dedication to serving the world with their environmentally-friendly net hosting plans. If you’re trying to find a “green” hosting company, GreenGeeks is simply what you would like.


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