How to Add FAQ Schema in Blogger In Different Ways

Why do you need to add FAQs schema in Blogger post? Now I am going to tell you how to add FAQs Schema in Blogger post in 2021.
FAQs have been around for a long time and are very helpful when communicating specifics of your product or service to new users. These are unique questions someone may ask about your particular product or service, after which you provide an answer. FAQs allow your customers to get answers right on your website instead of having to go search for it elsewhere. This article will show you how you can add FAQs markup schemes in blogger posts.
How to add FAQs Scheme in blogger post

Adding FAQs schemes your website rank in google search results, and it also helps solve user queries.

What is the FAQs Scheme?

Frequently asked question (FAQ) schema is code added to a page with 2 or additional queries. This code is employed to indicate to Google what queries are being asked page and add points to its solution. Google is presently the only computer program that acknowledges listing schema.

Why FAQs?

Since FAQs square measure supported user feedback, they usually evolve over time. For instance, a software package company might receive an outsized variety of emails concerning a selected step in their software package installer. The corporation might clarify the action in their FAQ to realise the solution without emailing the corporation. This cuts down on technical support, saving time for each software package company and, therefore, the end-users.

Benefits of FAQs Scheme

  1. Rank Post on search result
  2. Increase Visitor on your page
  3. Solve user queries question
  4. Sales your product quickly.

How to Add FAQs Scheme in blogger?

Step1) Go to FAQs Scheme Generator. Write your question & answer.

Step2) Now, Copy the scheme code & paste it to your blogger posts in the last where you have written your article. 

Step3) After copying the scheme code, you have to paste it in a blogger post but on the last page.

Step4) Now, Submit your post to the google search console and submit a sitemap.

Step5) Now, you have to verify the URL of your posts in Google Structure data tools to check whether the FAQ scheme code is successfully submitted or not in the rich snippet tools. 

If your Faqs scheme code is successfully submitted, then you see this type of message or console.

Now your work is done, It waits for few days to upcome the post in google ranking & you will also see the snippets feature of faqs of your posts.

Conclusion: FAQ Schema

I hope you understand how to Add FAQ Schema in blogger this is a simple but informative guide. If you know something new then please share it with your friends.

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