The Complete Guide on Blogging for Beginners in 2021

Blogging guides, articles, and information for beginners who want to set up a successful blog business or improve their existing blog.
I've been blogging for 4 months. Here's what I’ve learned - and how you can write a Blog that attracts followers and earns money.

I developed this post to help you out to rank your website & easily earn money with your blogging field with your first articles about blogging. It is a helpful guide to get you started. Everything that's described here works for me, so I hope it helps you as well.

I have been working blogging about startups for a long time, and now I share some of my experiences in this short information guide. It is written for first-time bloggers, but more experienced bloggers will also find some valuable tips here. If you need any help, please send me an email or chat with me on Twitter.
The complete guide on blogging for beginners

What is Blogging?

So what exactly is blogging? In its simplest form, it's like having a public online diary. You can write about just about anything: your intereststhoughts and opinions, your day, what you plan to do next weekend…It's a way for anyone to share their opinion with the world or simply get something off their chest.

Writing a blog is both easy and hard. It's easy to get started but hard to write regularly when you're first starting. And even though there are many obstacles and problems along the way, it's a fun and worthwhile activity for anyone who wants to communicate with others.

When do we Start Blogging?

You have to first deep analysis of particular topics. After research, you know that I am a mastery in these topics, then you can start blogging. The reason was that there are many topics available on google, but if you have other knowledge about particular issues that google doesn't know, then Google can also help you with the blogging field. 

Which Platform can we start blogging on?

These days, there are many ways to start blogging. You could create your blog on your website, share a popular platform like Blogger or WordPress, or join one of the new social blogging communities, like Linkedin, Pulse, Medium, Reddit, Question Hub, and Quora.

I am generally using the website Because it was free of cost, and we don't have to buy hosting.
After your 1 experience, your blogging journey was so easy that you don't face any difficulties in

How do we write your blog?

Here are 10 tips to help you write your blog and some advice about how I've approached my own blogging.

1) Select your Topics (Niches)

Now You are entering in blogging field. So your main focus is on your topics. Many people are doing that they are not select any particular topic so that why the reason their post or website is not ranking. So it is essential to choose your website topics first and then go to the blog name.

2) Choose a Best Blog or domain name

Now You are entering in blogging field. So your main focus is on your topics. Many people are doing that they are not select any particular topic so that why the reason their post or website is not ranking. So it is essential to choose your website topics first and then go to the blog name.

3) Customize your theme

As a blogger, your website should look like a professional website, So you have to select your templates as a high-quality UI design that can easily be understood by all users & google.

In the Future, a template is an essential ranking factor for bloggers. 

If you want to need to be paid & speed template for free, then google it. There are plenty of blogger templates available on the website.

4) Keyword Research

It is most important to research keywords before writing a blog. Many People are not studying for keywords & they would start writing on any topic. Don't do that because Google cannot rank a website without keyword research. The keyword is a particular topic where you have to write a blog on that.

There are some keywords planner tools for free to research the keywords of your low competition:
  • Google keywords planner tools
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest

5) Write At least 1 post daily

After your Customize template, you have to write daily your 1 post with a minimum of 1000 words of meaningful content of your selected niche and tell your experience about your blogging journey. It helps people if they start blogging and are also motivated. As you daily write a blog, then your grammar & English is constantly increasing day by day. In 1 day, you can also become a successful blogger.

6)  Daily Submit your sitemap in GSC(Google Search Console)

After writing each post, you have to submit your sitemap in Google Search Console, which helps the crawler to understand with a sitemap that you have published your post in google. A snail can index your posts within hours.

If you don't know How to submit a sitemap in blogger? Then you can read our post also that help you to submit your sitemap in google search console.

7) Share your posts on the social media platforms

Daily share your posts on different social media platforms. This will increase your visitor, and you can easily rank your posts within months. The reason is that the social media of crawler is fast indexing your posts & people can also know these posts daily if you share your posts every day on different social media platforms.

I am also sharing my posts daily. If, due to some reason, I am unable to posts, then I will post them in the next few days. So visitors can also acquire knowledge about particular topics and also get related information.

8)  Update your old content

When you update your website, make sure you emphasise the new content and update the old ones because Google crawler reviews your website content regularly. If you have written unique content in an old post and google likes your content, Google will store your content in his database and rank your posts on google's first page.

9) Improve your SEO Score

Daily check your SEO score and improve your SEO score. Because Seo is the primary internal factor for a website, It highly affects your website. Your Seo score should not be less than 65%. If your SEO score is too low, it positively impacts your website, and not your website post does not rank due to SEO. If you want to see your SEO score, then there are many free tools available on google. 
  • Ubersuggest
  • Seo optimiser
  • Semrush
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • Ahrefs Free Audit tools
  • Serpstat

10) Activate Cloudflare CDN

After adding your Cloudflare in blogger, your website will boost, and page speed will increase automatically. 

Cloudflare is minimising your HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT file.
In Cloudflare, the only top-level domain you can activate is your account.

But in the .blogspot domain, you cannot activate your Cloudflare account because you have to change your nameservers, So there is no option available to transform your nameservers, but you change only in the top-level domain.
You can also check your page speed after activating your Cloudflare account. 
  • Google Pagespeed Insights
  • Gtmetrix

Advantages of Blogging

1) It helps us to connect with a new audience and makes us familiar with their requirements.

2) A platform for self-expression

 3) An opportunity to educate others

4) An opportunity to market your business or yourself through written content

5) Writing is better for explaining complicated subjects. It helps recall information.

6) It gets people to your website. You also can get them to sign up for things and pay attention to your other content.

7) Interactive blogging platform, flexible layout with stunning themes

8) It's a free platform where you can write, blog, promote your business online.

9) You can make a good side income or even become a full-time blogger making money from your blog.

10) Distraction-free for writers to create a habit of writing daily

11) A better platform with control over what you want to share with others.

Important Questions in Blogging?

Why my all the blogs published on Blogger are not showing in the search results?

A few months ago, Blogger changed its search algorithms. The new algorithm ranks & lists content differently, affecting the ranking of blogs created with Blogger. Google admitted that they were unintentionally giving preference to some blogs, penalising others. This is why you do not see specific blogs in the search results when using Blogger as your blog publishing platform.

Final Words

Blogging is the best way to communicate through our words in the world. Preparing content for a blog is much like writing a short story, except with many more words. Before you start blogging, make sure you have at least knowledge of writing unique content & SEO. 
This will give you chances to showcase your talent throughout the world. In blogging, you can also earn money.
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