How An SSL Certificate Boosts Your Search Engine Ranking

SSL certificates are needed to improve a website's search rankings. In this article, we explain how website security and SSL affect search engine rank

The security breach is a concern for all web users. Over 68% of users feel that internet security laws are lenient, and their data is not safe. The ongoing debate on cybersecurity has made the internet search giant “Google" disclose one of its newly added policies of the ranking algorithm- add an SSL certificate to your website.

Among the 200-search engine ranking factors that Google considers, installing an SSL certificate has gained tremendous importance. Google made this announcement in August 2014 making it clear that websites should have an SSL certificate. However, if you are searching for a budget SSL then, PositiveSSL certificate, essential SSL certificate, and RapidSSL cert are a few names to perceive an advantage in SERP or search engine result pages, along with adhering to other SEO factors.

Before moving towards the center of the article and pouring the light on the benefits of an SSL certificate for SEO and which certificate one should use, let us take an insight into what SSL certificates are and how they work towards our safety.

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Overview of SSL certificate

SSL is shorthand for Secure Socket Layer. The name itself has a sense of security in it. The SSL acts as an additional layer of security for your website. It ensures that everything that traverses between the server and the browser remains private and encrypted. Any intruder that tries to hack your information will only get a mix of numbers and alphabets that will be impossible to decipher.

When you add this extra layer of security to your website, you take a switch from HTTP to HTTPS. The S signifies Security. HTTPS will occur in green color on your site so that you can be sure of encryption.

The encrypted data that flows between the server and the browser can only be deciphered using a private key which one gets on installing as discussed, like a cheap essential SSL certificate. This way you can be sure that if you have not lost your private key, you are safe from a man-in-the-middle attack.

Benefits of SSL certificates for search engine optimization (SEO)

To sail smoothly and ahead of everyone in the ocean of the internet, one needs to know SEO. SEO is the backbone of an online business. One needs to always work towards improving the website ranking to top the search engine result pages (SERP).
SSL certificates enhance your chances to rank better among other websites.
So, let us look at how SSL certificates benefit one with search engine ranking,

SEO boost

Google, the most used search engine, has declared SSL certification as a criterion to enhance website ranking. With an SSL certificate, you may not sit at the top of the chart, but you will boost your SEO. 

A survey conducted in 2014 stated that only .1% of the websites are secured with an SSL certificate. So, we can surely expect the number to rise by now. And this raising number will need you to be updated with an SSL certificate along with other SEO measures to stay ahead of your competitors.

A secure platform enhances user trust

Security is the need of the day. People back off from unsecured websites. When the green padlock on your address bar will be showcased users will feel secure in making conversions.

So, with an SSL certificate in hand more users will invest in your website and thus the web traffic will increase for you. With more traffic, more will be your search engine ranking.

Traffic and conversion rates grow

Trustworthy sites never get a pop-up message saying the site is insecure. SSL certificates ensure that a secured browser-server connection is established, and your potential customers increase.

This increase enhances the traffic to your website. Users feel free to put in their credit card details and other information on your database, leading to higher conversion rates. This increased scenario optimizes your search engine ranking.

Decision maker for two same ranked websites

More than 40% of the organic results displayed by Google showcases at least one site which is secured with HTTPS. As security is the need of the era, secured connections are preferred by users also.

If two websites meet all the ranking criteria perfectly then the website with an SSL certificate will be preferred over the other. This might not make a huge difference, but you will surely end up being in a better spot.

Reformulate user experience

HTTPS enhances Google's ranking by attracting customers to it. Many aware users prefer to switch to websites that display secured connections. About 84% of users leave the website when they lack the security feature. So, a secured connection enhances ranking by redefining the user experience.

SSL certificates that help boost SEO ranking?

It is necessary to always head in the correct direction. You cannot just get an SSL certificate without knowing which one you need, and which will boost your search engine ranking. Below you will find the list of SSL certificates and who should use which certificate.

Single domain SSL certificate 

Single domain SSL certificates are usually good for small businesses, bloggers, and personal websites.

A single-domain SSL certificate signifies that whatever information a user shares within that domain name remains secure and encrypted. It cannot be deciphered by a third party. 

These certificates come in a variety of ranges, but you can expect them to be as low as 10$ per year.

Multi-domain SSL certificate 

Service providers, SEO companies, and the need to secure multiple domains arouse one to switch to a multi-domain SSL certificate. Large companies or service providers have multiple domains that can’t work under a single domain; they need multiple domains for them.

These service providers even have clients that they need to handle and provide them with secured connections. All these needs can be fully filled using a multi-domain SSL certificate. For cost-saving and easy certificate management, a business should think to buy a multi-domain SSL certificate. The encryption level will remain the same for all included domains and subdomains.

You can easily add or delete a domain name or modify the name as per the need. It is a flexible and easy to use the certificate. Furthermore, it is available easily, you can think of getting one within a short span of 24 hours.

A multi-domain certificate can secure names,

Wildcard SSL certificate 

Wildcard SSL certificate is used by large websites to secure multiple domains. It is not a cost-effective solution to use a multi-domain SSL certificate for securing a single website's forum, log in, and other pages. Also, for medium-level business websites, you can go for the GeoTrust wildcard SSL certificate that secures unlimited hostnames with a single certificate.

With a wildcard SSL certificate, you get a single-stop solution for all subdomains. Irrespective of the number of servers you can secure all the subdomains.

The multiple subdomains can be,

Without much hassle, you can opt for a single certificate and secure all your subdomains.

Closing Words

It is important to be on the top to grab people’s attention. Google has made doors open for you to grab this opportunity by installing an SSL certificate to your website and increasing your search engine ranking. 

SSL-SEO can be thought of as a dynamic duo that will not only boost your search engine ranking but also helps you gain customer trust. The more the customer will trust you the more will be your conversion rate. So, it is time to act smart and let your leads know that you are a secure platform to invest in by installing an SSL certificate on your website.

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